Prepare for a Kick-Off

Now that you have had a chance to learn why project kick-offs matter and to explore resources during the EXPAND step, it's time to practice! Use the template below to reflect on a kick-off meeting you would like to lead in a real setting. Then, gather a team of four to help you role play using the guidelines below.

Roles for Kick-Off Meeting Role Play

• Lead (1): Leads role play kick-off meeting based on the planning template.
• Participants (2): Participate in role play kick-off meeting by listening and asking questions; give feedback to the lead after the role play.
• Timekeeper (1): One of the participants; keeps track of time using guide below.

Timing for Kick-Off Meeting Role Play

• 5 min context sharing: Lead shares with participants the context for this kick-off.
• 5 min role play: Lead and participants role play the kick-off meeting.
• 15 min debrief: Participants share feedback with lead; lead processes insights and new ideas to take forward into real-world application.
• 5 min whole-group share: Team shares learnings and insights as a whole group.

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