Why Kick-Offs Matter


15_Why-1Check out these two articles that share more about on why kick-offs are so important.

  • Kicking Off: How To Start A Mission Driven Team
    This article describes how a responsive team kicks off projects. They often think like a GPS - they have their destination (the mission) defined, yet freedom to navigate toward that destination by adapting and iterating based on the latest data. Read this article and consider how you can use a similar agenda to kick off your team's next project. 

  • Avoid These 5 Mistakes For An Amazing Kickoff Meeting
    This article discusses the five common pitfalls for many kick-off meetings. Discover how to use a kick-off meeting to align and collaborate instead of simply presenting one-way information. Learn how to use a temperature check to gather team data quickly. Read this article for more pitfalls and ideas to mitigate them when kicking off your next project. 

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