Mr. Whiskers

Mr. Whiskers is a game adapted from Play on Purpose. Each round layers on more difficulty and provides an opportunity for teams to feel what it is like to make a mistake in front of a group and debrief how this might translate to making mistakes in real life. For full directions on how to use Mr. Whiskers as a SPARK for the Learning Habit, check out page 46 in The New Team Habits 

Length of the game

  • 5-10 minutes

How to Play

  • Gather people into a circle.
  • A person can pass across the circle by making eye contact with someone across from them and saying “Mr.Whiskers”. Do a quick round with just this layer first so people get the hang of it.
  • Then layer on the next 2 directional prompts. If you want to pass to the left, you say “Mista Vista”. If you want to pass to the right, you say “Whiskey Mixer”
  • Then continue playing with all 3 directional prompt, passing around and across the circle, trying to include everyone’s participation.
  • If you make a mistake, (either you wait too long or say the wrong thing or get tongue tied), you celebrate the mistake and then run a lap around the circle and back to your spot.
  • To make it more challenging (and encourage more mistakes!), pick up the speed and make the group go as fast as possible.

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