The Triad Share Protocol

Now that you have recorded some ideas and learnings in the SPARK and EXPAND steps, it’s time to PRACTICE. We like triad sharing as a way to create meaningful space for conversation and feedback. For this protocol, you need a group of three people and a timer to ensure that all group members have time to share and get feedback.

How to Use:

SETUP (2 min): Get into triad groups (three people) and assign each person a number: #1, #2, #3.

SHARE (18 min): Follow the protocol below for each team member leaving about a minute in between sharing for transitional time.

  • #1 shares for 1 min, #2 + #3 listen only
  • #2 + #3 share feedback for 3 min, #1 takes notes
  • #1 shares takeaways from feedback for 1 min
  • Repeat with each team member.

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